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founded in 1981 by Rev David Wiseman, minister of Poulton U R C.

The site is intended to give visitors a  flavour of the town and its past, present and future.  We welcome contributions from all those with an interest in the history of Poulton-le-Fylde and its surrounding communities.

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Poulton Historical Society has been interested in the conservation of the Edward VIII letter box on Lower Green for some time and have kept an eye on it. About 4 years ago we contacted the Letter Box Society and they have been extremely helpful. At the time, following their advice, we contacted Royal Mail and were assured by RM that it was safe.

However we were obviously concerned at its removal a few weeks ago. We were aware that it stood on private land and apparently it was the wish of the land owner that it should be removed.

We contacted the LBS again and on our behalf they contacted Royal Mail. The pillar box is safely in the storage of Royal Mail. The LBS emailed us to say that "Royal Mail will use the box as they see a need. It may be that they will choose another location in the vicinity if there is somewhere to put the box and the demand is there"



The search for the fallen World War Two British soldier Raymond Edward Adams of Fleetwood:

My name is Dirk Paagman, I am a teacher of history at Maurick College, in Vught, Holland. I was born in Schijndel where many relatives and friends of mine currently live. Excuse me for my English, I depend on, for example, google translate.


I have been writing a book for two years now on the liberation of Schijndel and other villages nearby like Sint Oedenrode, Boxtel and Sint Michielsgestel during World War II.


One part of the story is about the different Royal Artillery battalions who supported the different British divisions, like the 51st Highlan Division.


That division took the American lines over in October 1944 near Schijndel and Sint Oedenrode and attacked the village Olland on 23 October 1944, during Operation Colin, as a part of Operation Pheasant, with the following objective: to liberate the rest of the South of the Netherlands.


Operation Colin was a part of operation Pheasant to liberate the area between Veghel, Schijndel and Sint Oedenrode to s '-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg and to the river Maas in the South of the Netherlands.


Raymond Edward Adams was one of the British soldiers who died trying to liberate our country. His army number was 14375871


He was born on the 4th September of 1924 in Fleetwood. He was a member of the Royal Artillery and on the 24th October 1944 he was badly wounded by a German mine nearby the village of Olland.


He was transported to a field hospital in Sint Oedenrode were he unfortunately died of his wounds. He was buried at the church graveyard of the Sint Martinuskerk (Saint Martin Church) of Sint Oedenrode.


I would like to ask you if you can help me to find a photo or other information of Raymond Adams. I would really like to know how he looked.


It would be an honour if I could incorporate his photo and his story in my book about the liberation of Schijndel and Sint Oedenrode.


I would like to ask whether someone, as a local historian from the Netherlands, can help me with looking for family members or photos.


I reckon it would be of a great historical importance to visualize the story by showing the men who actually liberated Schijndel and Olland (everybody can always send me a email). Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind regards, Dirk Paagman D.Paagman@maurickcollege.nl (work email)

0031-614754924 (phone number)