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There are several families living in Poulton who are able to trace their roots back through many generations. Many records for Poulton are to be found in the Lancashire Archives (previously called the Lancashire Record Office) in Preston.


If you are researching families in POULTON, THORNTON, FLEETWOOD, BLACKPOOL and the surrounding area you might like to email brief details of the name/s to add to the list below: please email   mc.storey@btinternet.com

CAN YOU HELP? The following family historians would be pleased to make contact with anyone having similar interests. We have replied to each of the queries but there may be people who have more information which would help. New names are added regularly..






I am interested in when, where and how soldiers were recruited to fight in the army under Oliver CROMWELL during the 1640s and 1650s. If there is any information on recruitment in the Fylde area, or any pointers to potentially useful records, I would be grateful to hear of them.  

At least two of my ancestors, William EDMUNDSON and William BARCROFT, fought in this army in England and shortly afterwards settled in Ireland, becoming Quakers.  It is possible that a third Irish Quaker ancestor, Richard FAYLE, had a similar past, and was recruited from the Fylde.

Contact David Fayle at df@bioaccent.com.au




I am researching the BAMBERS of Poulton especially Hugh b. about 1830 and his father Thomas b. about 1811. Hugh married Mary Little in 1898 at West Derby, Liverpool. One of their two daughters was Elizabeth who married Jack Braddock in 1922 and went on to become the celebrated Liverpool MP. Any information about Hugh or Thomas would be very welcome.

Michael Jones       spikemj@blueyonder.co.uk




I have been researching the BUTLER families at Poulton-le-Fylde for around 20 years now.  My grandmother Annie BUTLER was born at Poulton-le-Fylde 26 Sept 1876, daughter of Nicholas BUTLER and Agnes EASTHAM.

I have taken her BUTLER family back to Thomas BUTLER (born 1776 Thornton) and his wife Alice HULL who marr

18 Sept 1796 at Poulton-le-Fylde. (Alice was born 1777 at Hardhorn dau of John HULL and Alice ROE).  

My grandmother's great-aunt was Rebecca BUTLER who marr Thomas SILCOCK and it was their son Richard SILCOCK who farmed at Thornton Hall and founded R. Silcock & Sons.

Thank you for your help Marian Young   Canberra, Australia  youngm@iimetro.com.au




I have traced my family back to my GG Grand father Robert CARTER who was a Master Butcher in Market Place P le F .

I am curious to see if anyone has info. on who his parents were . He married as a widower, Mary Bamber in St Chads Church .


The other Family names I’d like more info on are GG Grandfather Thomas Moulding and his wife Frances Holden. Has anyone looking for the same people

Mary McDermott  





I am looking for details of the parents of John Collinson born Fleetwood 1816. I believe his father's given name was Robert.

John married (1) Jane Barrow      (2) Agnes Sharp

Pam Summers






I have just been looking on the Poulton Le Fylde Historic and Civic Society and wondered if you or possibly one of your Members could please help me?


I am researching the Collinson family, and have managed to get back as far as Christopher Collinson marrying Alice Hull in 1716 in Poulton Le Fylde.  Christopher and Alice are my 6 x great grandparents.


My initial link to the Collinsons in Poulton Le Fylde is John Collinson, who was born there in 1776.  He moved to Heaton, near Lancaster, and married Betty Sowerbutts at the Parish Church there in 1799. As far as I can trace back, John was the youngest of five children, his siblings being Christopher, Grace,  another John (who I guess died?) and Betty. John's parents were Robert Collinson and Ann Singleton and Robert's father was Christopher, born probably around 1700.

Any information anybody could give me would be much appreciated.


Diane Howe  Diane-Howe@equitable35.freeserve.co.uk





I am currently researching my grandmother's mother's surname which is Croft. I started with this due to a WW1 record I had for my grandmother's father, who was killed in action in 1917. I have managed to get back to 1858 which is the year that Henry Croft was born.


The census shows that Henry was born in Out Rawcliffe, however I have tried the records for the churches at Out Rawcliffe, Pilling, Hambleton & Stalmine and cannot find a record. The nearest I can find is on the BMD index with a DOB 1858 with a place of birth as Poulton Le Flyde. Can someone advise whether Out Rawcliffe could come under Poluton Le Fylde's churches. I am not sure if the religion was Cof E or Catholic but so far all the records have been CofE.

Many thanks

Angela Williams         haydw@tiscali.co.uk  




I have a great deal of information on the Cartmell family of Marton Moss & Lytham.

I was trying to contact William Cross wcross13@comcast.net as I have information for him on William Cross & Betty Cartmell but it seems his address is no longer valid.

I have been researching the Cartmell's of the Fylde for 30 years now so can you add my e-mail address to the site if anyone wants information they are free to e-mail me.


Barry Cartmell  bazcartmell@yahoo.co.uk




Many generations baptised in Poulton Le Fylde and Bispham throughout the 1700's and 1800's. Largely based on parish and census records the various familes resided in Thornton Le Fylde (Holmes), Four Lane Ends, Carleton, Poulton Le Fylde, Fleetwood and Blackpool. Would be interested in corresponding with any Cross researcher in this area.


Thanks dave2cross@yahoo.ca




I am working on the above families The principal family is William CROSS (born 1827 in Marton; d. 1903) and Elizabeth "Betty" Cartinell (b. 1829, d. after 1881). The couple is listed in the 1881 census as farming, with their Dwelling: Hey Houses Lane in Lytham, Lancashire. They had 8 children:

Alexander (b. Sept. 6 1854 and emigrated to America);

Agnes (b. 1855; married John Whiteside);

George (b. about 1862, married Alice);

William Cross, Jr. (b. 1863, married Ann Singleton);

Elizabeth (b. about 1866; married Ernest Pemberton);

Ellen (b. 1867; married James Whiteside);

John T. (b. 1869); and

Richard (b. 1870; married Esther Ann Draper)

I would be grateful for any help or clues, especially for taking William's line back a generation or two.


William Cross wcross13@comcast.net




I am researching my Family History and noted that my forebears hailed from the Poulton area. The names I have to date are John Comstie 1588 - Little Pulton, William Cumpstey 1620. William Cumpstey 1660, James Cumpstey 1732 - Pilling.


I wondered if any of your Members have any information relating to the Cumpstey Family.


Kind regards    fcumpstey@tiscali.co.uk  

Fred Cumpstey





I reside in Canada and found this site by accident and was wondering if anyone can tell me about the name Drinkwater (Samuel) Married at St. Chad's Church June 13 1816 to a Peggy Betcher. The witnesses were Richard Jackson and Alice Bleasath ? Sam Born 1787 in Lancashire burried 14 of June 1849 in Howes side Marton. Peggy born 1794/1795 died Febuary 1 1875/1876 burried at Marton Parish Church. Trying to locate Sam's birth place if anyone have information please e-mail at this address

lancashire.lass@rogers.com    Many Thanks  Jeannie Webb





I am looking for any information about Poulton High School that was on Lockwood Avenue in Poulton. My godmother and 2 or 3 other members of the family went there in the 1920s and 30s.


Their names were DUNSTAN, REVINGTON and WADDINGTON. The Dunstan's lived on Victoria Road. My great grandfather was a tailor in Manchester and then on General Street in Blackpool, where his daughter Daisy Revington was a milliner.


My grandfather, Jim Waddington, lived on Bispham Road and then was signalman at Carleton Crossing and lived in the house next to the crossing. They then moved to Blackpool Road and in the 1950s he was a member of Carleton Bowling Club and I can remember going occasionally


He was also verger of the United Reformed Church in Poulton, by the traffic lights.

Any information from any of your readers would be appreciated.

Thanks Gail Farnworth     gf@blackpool.ac.uk



Looking for any information concerning the Eaves family, especially the whereabouts of their farm at Hardhorn 1735-1790; William Eaves, blacksmith, Breck Road, Poulton, 1840s; Alexander Eaves, Blacksmith, Thornton 1830s; Robert Eaves, Blacksmith, Bay Horse Beer Shop, Thornton, 1840s; Richard Eaves, Labourer, Skippool, lived in cottage
site now occupied by Wyre Hotel 1800-1845; Richard Eaves, labourer, lived in Breck Road, Poulton, 1840; Samuel Eaves, labourer and former seaman, Skippool, ived in cottage site now occupied by Wyre Hotel, 1850-65. And, of course, any other information relevant to the Eaves family in general.
Please contact: David Eaves, email at
david.sabden11@btinternet.com. All information acknowledged and gratefully received.




I am looking for the ETHERINGTONS who farmed at GREENBANK FARM POULTON. They also had a pie and cake shop in Poulton.Myerscough family from 1814 onwards. They lived in Layton.  Also Robert and Margaret Jones who lived in Blackpool around 1880 onwards. I am also researching MYERSCOOUGH and CORNTHWAITE

Hope you can help.    Regards Jean    jeananon@msn.com




John Corbridge

We are researching our family history in particular the FARES, some of whom are buried in St. Chads Churchyard in Poulton. We know that various Fares from the 15th century onwards owned or worked on a number of farms in the area, in particular Normoss, Newton, Staining and Hardhorn. Any information on any of the Fare family members would be most welcome.


My mother was Marjorie Fare and I am in contact with other present members of the family to share information.





During my research into family history I have discovered that my great-great-grandfather was a member of what I believe was a large farming family in the Poulton/Norcross area in the early/mid 19th century.  

His name was Richard FARE and his father according to one of Richard's marriage certificates (he was married four times!) was Cuthbert Fare.  Cuthbert could have married Ellen Brewer in St Chads on 18 July 1788. It is also likely that Ellen died and Cuthbert remarried a Jenney Brown also at St Chads on 5 September 1810. Cuthbert was a school master and is likely to have taught in a Poulton School but the rest of his family seem to be agricultural.

Do you have any information in the local files that may give more insight into their lives at that time. It would also be good if the details I have gained can be substantiated through local records.

Thanks and Regards

Adrian Smith  ariadne2007@btinternet.com




I am interested in the FAYLE family of the Fylde, especially between 1500 and 1750.  Other spellings include FAILE and ffAILE. Local historian Pat Allois has done extensive research on this family, including on records of a farmhouse erected in the 1670s on a known site in Little Poulton (which she has reconstructed as an artist’s impression).  

My ancestor Richard Fayle is first heard of as a Quaker in the earliest days of the establishment of that religion in Ireland by another ancestor, William Edmundson, in 1654.  Both these men were among a small group of Quakers who moved from Lurgan, Armagh, to County Cavan (Belturbet area) in 1656.

I would like to find out where Richard Fayle came from.  The two possibilities (apart from Ireland) are the Poulton-le-Fylde area of Lancashire, and the Isle of Man.  In both places were families of Fayle prior to (and after) 1654.  My guess is Lancashire, and, like Edmundson, he may also have fought with Cromwell’s army – all pure speculation at this point.  

Recently I found reference on the Quaker’s Mega-database to a Hannah Fayle, born in Lancashire, who married in Cavan 22 Aug 1679 (to William Simons from the Isle of Man). Her father was a Richard Fayle of Lancashire, which was also her residence. It’s plausible she had joined family in Cavan, and it would certainly be consistent with a Lancashire origin.  Richard is a common name among the Lancashire Fayles.  Any information on Lancashire FAYLE is welcome.

Contact David Fayle at df@bioaccent.com.au




I am researching the Fenton family.   the earlist I can get back is to my 4x grt grandfather William Fenton  born 1793 and baptised at St Chads Poulton  He married a Ann Sharples  in 1819 also at St Chads.     William’s father was a John Fenton but all it says for his mother is her first name Dolly  William and Ann used to live in Occupation Row and then went to live in Thornton and had 8 children. Any information on the Fenton Family  would be appreciated  could you tell me how I would go about finding a inquest report ?  On researching the Fentons  my 4x Grt Grandfather  had 8 children and quite a few died  but 2 of them -  Robert and William -   were buried on the same day and in the records it says  coroners order after inquest  William and Robert bracketed together   Burial: 7 Jan 1849 Christ Church, Thornton le Fylde, Lancashire, England

William Fenton -  Age: 14  Abode: Thornton   Notes: Coroner's Order after Inquest [William & Robert bracketed together]

Buried by: R W Russell  Register: Burials 1841 - 1891, Entry 139 Source: LDS Film 14701930

I wondered how I could find any more information on this ?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  your website is really interesting    Jacky in Cumbria  hmsavage@btinternet.com




I have just been reading the historical society notes. My brief details are : Paul Bernard Fewell, formerly of 38 Moorfield Ave ,Carleton & 6 Fleetwood Rd South Carleton. I was b. 1946. I lived mainly at the first address until moving to the second address in the '60's.  I was educated at Sacred Heart primary school Blackpool, Holy Family primary school  North Shore,&  St John Vianney Marton. 

I went to Palatine Road School of Art for approx 12 months.  I then joined the police force in the old West Riding,  Yorks.

My connections with Blackpool, Carleton, Poulton and district span a time period of from 1946 right up until  1988.  my mother and father lived in Carleton from 1938 to approx 1988.  I still have connections with the area insomuch that I have a cousin living in Kirkham.   I always enjoy to go back, and I have fond memories of Carleton and Poulton.  Does any one out there remember me?  I have three brothers,  Peter, Anthony and Michael.  Michael is one year older than me, and Peter & Anthony are pre-war babies.

Thank you.   I hope this will generate some familiar names, and then I could maybe develop the issue further by renewing my connection with the area geographically etc.

Paul  Fewell of Sunningdale, Royal Berkshire.       paul.fewell@hotmail.co.uk



I have been reading the Names in the Poulton le Fylde Historical Society web site. Our youngest brother Paul has contacted us with the name of a school mate who had seen our Family Name. So here is a short addition to the Fewells.

We arrived at 38. Moorfield Ave in 1939.    My Mother Kathleen, Father Sydney Regular Essex Regiment,  Anthony & me.


I was born in Essex 28th January 1935.and Tony 12th May 1937.    I suppose we were early evacuees .Dad went over to France at the commencment of the War.He was evacuated in "41 from Dunkirk.    School was at St John's Breck Road, then St. Joseph's College Newton Drive.       I went to Sheffield University 1954 and managed a B.Eng (Mining).     I emigrated to South Africa and worked in/on Gold and other Mines here,  Cornwall & Brasil.     Married Dorothy Young from Sunderland. Three Daughters,   retired to Simon's Town Western Cape.

Completed this on the Day Nelson Mandela has been Buried.


Kind Regards

Peter Fewell.




Tracing family history and came across an address for Gannon at Blackpool Road, Hardhorn with Newton.Could anyone show me where this road was in 1891 please? The road seems to have linked Staining with Carleton.Are there any photogaphs, drawings etc of Middle Farm, Hardhorn?


I beleive it was taken over by Fylde Farm School and demolished in the late 50's or very early 60's The family who last farmed there were Hogkinsons.Any I would be greatfull for any information.

Harry Gannon  phgannon@hotmail.com




I am researching my family. Main family name Green – early members were Greenhalgh and Greenwood. We have three

generations who were christened, married at St Chads.   Generations had Heads who were called John. They did marry someof the other names mentioned on your page – Cupstey, Lawrenson.

Other Churches in our records are All Hallows, Bispham, St Michael’s  Kirkham.


Val Allport (nee Green)  seniorallports@bigpond.com




Hello, I am looking for information on my fathers side of the family. He was born in Poulton in 1927. Dad’s name is John (Jack) and his parents were named William and Florence Hargreaves and they lived in 29 Flag Street, Fleetwood. Any info would be nice.

Regards,  Brian Hargreaves

P.O. Box 563.      Harbour Grace   Newfoundland. Canada  AOA 2MO

709 596 7797 (H) - 589 8294 (C)        






As you enter St Chad’s through the door leading from the Market Place you will see on the opposite wall a large memorial tablet to members of the Harrison family.  It reads:

Near this marble lieth the body of Margaret daughter of John and Ellen Harrison of Poulton who died 13th March 1790

aged One Year

Also of Ellen his wife who died 20th September 1790 aged 34 years

Also of Dorothy their daughter who died 25th January 1791 in the 9th year of her age

Also of the said John Harrison who died 1st August 1796 aged 43 years

Also in memory of John Bickerstaffe Harrison AB their sone who died on the 18th April 1810

at Horncastle in Lincolnshire aged 23 Years and was there interred

Also of Agnes their daughter who died on the 21st Novr. 1821 at Louth in Lincolnshire aged 40 and was interred at Horncastle

also of Richard Harrison their son who died on the 18th January 1825 aged 40 years and was interred at Horncastle.


John and Edward Harrison were brothers, sons of Richard and Agnes Harrison of Bankfield in Singleton, baptised at Kirkham parish church, John in 1753 and Edward in 1759.


John Harrison and Ellen Bickerstaffe married around 1780. Five children were born to them the youngest Margaret dying in 1790 shortly before her first birthday.  Their mother Ellen died six months later on September 20th 1790, leaving John with four young children aged between 3 and 9 years.  Edward Harrison, John’s brother, had trained as a doctor in Edinburgh and had moved from Poulton to Horncastle in Lincolnshire.

On September 24th 1790, just four days after the death of his sister-in-law Ellen, Edward returned to Poulton to marry Ellen’s sister Margaret at St Chad’s. After their marriage Edward and Margaret went to live in Horncastle.

When John Harrison died in 1796 his three remaining children aged 15, 11 and 9 were orphaned.  In his will he had iEdward harrison REDnstructed his executors , William Harrison, his brother-in-law [presumably father of Elizabeth] and John Bonney of Blackpool, to ensure the ”maintenance, education and support of his children”.  A decision was made to send them to Horncastle where they grew up in the household of their uncle and aunt, Edward and Margaret Harrison.


What attracted Edward Harrison to make the move from Poulton to Horncastle is unclear, but once there he appears to have become involved with two major figures of the day.  The family of Alfred Lord Tennyson hailed from a small group of villages in the Lincolnshire Wolds and Edward Harrison MD appears to have been the family physician,  dealing with the recurring bouts of depression which afflicted several members of the Tennyson family.  Tennyson family papers and letters record the high regard in which the family held Edward Harrison.   


Also in Horncastle at the time was Sir Joseph Banks, explorer and botanist,  President of the Royal Society, appointed by the King to set up Kew Botanical Gardens and companion of CaptainHARRISON MEMORIAL RED Cook on his voyages to Australasia.  Banks had a house in Horncastle and a family home at nearby Revesby Abbey. It seems likely that Harrison would have served as Banks’ physician. The Horncastle Dispensary, of which Joseph Banks was the president, was established by public subscription in December 1789 next door to the workhouse and was served for more than thirty years, from 1791 if not before,  by Edward Harrison.  Patients came to the Dispensary from as far away as Boston, Grantham and Lincoln.  From 1804 to 1821 Harrison had a private lunatic asylum where he lived in West Street. He was involved in the formation of the Lincolnshire Benevolent Medical Society in 1804 and was its first President.   

Edward died a widower in 1838 at his home in Cavendish Square London and was buried in St Mary’s church Horncastle. There the family are commemorated by a plaque on the south side of the centre aisle recording that Edward is buried there with his wife Margaret and the three children of his late brother John.   

This memorial and the one in St Chad’s were both erected by Edward’s nephew Paul and niece Agnes Harrison

Pat Allois, has recently completed work restoring the memorial to the Harrisons in St Chad’s parish church




After many hundreds of years with my family living around Bolton, for some unexplained reason many of them suddenly relocated to Poulton le Fylde between the years of 1909 and 1920. The 1911 census shows these 3 brothers (all farmers) and 1 sister, all unmarried living at Norcross Lane Carleton Poulton Le Fylde. Their names are Roger Albert Heaton (30), Roland Heaton (43), Robert Heaton (39) and Ada Jane Heaton (28). The fact that these older adults were all single (and never did marry) is unusual in itself but is probably another story. Does anyone have any idea what might draw them to Poulton Le Fylde during this time period? Are there any directories available that might help either pinpoint the dates, or otherwise explain their activities? Any help would be much appreciated!

Robert Heaton, Alberta, Canada rjheaton@shaw.ca   





Do you have any information about a John Hudson who lived in Poulton in the late 18th century?, his will is dated 1770.

It appears that he was my great, great, great, great grandfather.?


Philip Morris   philipmorris@fsmail.net  



My ancestors Thomas Lawrenson and Anne Miller were married in Poulton-le-Fylde, probably just before the 1837 records were begun. Their children included Joseph, Thomas (another ancestor of mine), John, Mary, Hannah and Robert.   

I'd like to find a record of Thomas and Anne's marriage, probably at St Chad's, so any help would be appreciated because I have had no luck doing this on the Internet (after 1837 would be easy). Also would like to hear from relatives.

Bob Blakey   Calgary, Alberta, Canada    bobblakey@shaw.ca  




Does anyone have any information on the family McKie. I am tracing my family tree and I have an aunt who married into the McKie family and lived in Blackpool ( Poulton ).  My aunt’s name is Beryl McKie (formally Farley) and she married Ken McKie and they had 2 daughters. I believe Ken McKie worked within the police force.


I would be very grateful for any information on the family as it is my missing link.

Thank you

Stephanie Mottershead, 4 lindisfarne Close, Burnley. Lancs.    mottys@sky.com




We would be grateful if you would add the following request for

information to your website.


We are looking into the MYERSCOUGH family tree. We would particularly appreciate any information regarding my great, great, great great grand father Barnaby Myerscough (b. 1770, d. 1834) married Ellen Walker at Poulton-le-Fylde. They had: a son John Walker Myerscough (b. 1812 d. 1877) and two daughters Ellen (b. 1801) and Isabel (b. 1804).


I can trace my line down the male side right thru to James1670/1729 to Barnaby1704/1770 to William1749/1829 to Barnaby1770/1834 to John Walker1812/1877 toThomas Walker 1840/? to Thomas Walker1878/? toThomas Dorning  (my father) 1902/1976. Can anyone put light on anything earlier? I think there is a John 1675 - could be a brother?


We appreciate that Myerscough is a very popular/common name in the area, but any information would be greatly received.


Thank you in anticipation.

Robin Henry Dorning Myerscough 01380 729319




I attended LAYTON HILL CONVENT in 1946 at the age of 4. Remained there until l953. Would like to know what happened to the School and I am trying to get in touch with some of my friends who also attended around the same time. Is this at all possible?

We lived at Staining Road End, just a step away from Poulton-le- Fylde.

I would really like to know more about the area and what changes, if any, have been made to the Convent.

Thank you. Christina Bedford       





I have just encountered your Poulton Local History website.  I have recently started a little family history research, mostly through the Ancestry website, of my relations in the PLF area.   

One Grt grandfather was mayor of Blackpool (Dr.Thomas McNaughton) and strangely another was Borough Treasurer (R. Handley) at a similar time. The Macnaughton family links with the Dickson and Banks families who appear to be centred in the Bispham/Layton/Norbreck areas.

I wonder if there is anyone locally who you might recommend that might undertake some further research on my behalf. I am based in Reading so a little too distant.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Richard Scott          RScottHerb@aol.com  



Dear Sir, Madam,

I am researching my family of NOAR and their marriage connections which are Whitehead, Jolly, Atkinson, Cumpsty and Thompson, living in the Fylde area up till the early 18th century.

I hope I can ask you if you know of others have looked into the Noar and the other families mentioned above?

Joy Burke

Brisbane, Australia.   burke_ev@hotmail.com


Would there be anyone researching NICKSON & WHITESIDE families of Bispham, Layton & Pilling, mid 1700's?

Richard Eastwood info@workingwithlight.com





My name is Ann Morrison, and i am researching my husband's family.  His Great Grandma was the niece, by marriage of John Openshaw and Margaret Melling.

Her name was Ada Openshaw Melling and then Morrison - in 1904 when she married John Morrison in Blackpool.

i believe the Openshaws, formerly from Bury, lived mostly in Poulton-le-Fylde.  I have information about John Morrison's Grandfather, George, who was a police sergeant (born in Wavertree) and who lived at Poulton, with his wife Ann Jane (nee' Donbavand) and various children, including John.  

I was wondering, if anyone knows of any relatives to these people.  George, John's father married a Isabella Westhead In 1875.on the 1851 census, Ann Jane Morrison is living at Tithe Barn Street,Poulton.in 1881  A. J. M. is living as a boarding house keeper in Brunswick St. B/pool.  Ada Openshaw Melling was born in B/pool and her father Henry Melling was a cab proprietor.

I  do not have any info. on Henry at all.  I will be really pleased, if anyone can delve for me. yours faithfully,

Mrs. A. Morrison     annbobs1@hotmail.co.uk





I'm trying to find some information about Poulton-le-Fylde and Pilling, I thought maybe you could help me. In particular I'm actually looking to find out if I still have any distantly related relatives in the area (I'm in the United States). Do you know if there are any records I can get ahold of that show owners of houses or any way I can find out if there are any people in Poulton-le-Fylde with the last name of 'Palmer' or 'Rossall'? Or maybe a town hall or something might have records like that and I could contact them somehow?


It might also help if I could find records about an old mill in Pilling,I  don't know if it's the only mill in Pilling or what, but my family either worked or partially owned that mill or something. In any case, if you have any ideas of how I might be able to track family members who used to live in Poulton-le-Fylde and Pilling, that'd be great. Thanks so much!


Keith Palmer        keith@uglyslug.com




I would be so grateful if you could add the following to your excellent website.

A am researching PARKINSON in PILLING LANCASHIRE, particularly a JOHN PARKINSON (circa 1767) who married an ALICE WILKINSON by licence on April 17th 1798. Her parents were WILLIAM WILKINSON and JENNET NOAR.

I am having trouble finding the parents for John Parkinson; all I know is that he had a brother James who was deceased by 1844.

Thank you and kind regards

Pauline Thomas   polly@thomas9876.freeserve.co.uk




Dear Christine

I paid a visit to Poulton on the 3rd March to see the crocus. I think that it was the first time I've been to Poulton and it was a beautiful day. What a lovely place. Went into the church and found a plaque and list of church wardens relating to the Parkinson Family!


Then went into the Corn Mill Cafe and on looking on the back of the menu " a little bit of local history" relating to the Parkinsons who had owned the old mill. Hazel gave me a copy of the menu!

Could you let me have the name and address of the Local History Society?

Many thanks  SHEILA





I'm not sure whether you will be able to help me but I'm trying to find any information that I can in relation to my maternal ancestors the Plant family who I believe used to live in Poulton Le Fylde in a house that I have grown up knowing as simply " The Homestead".

My great grandfather was John Ewart Plant who I believe has connections with Didsbury and my Grandmother was Esther Phyllis Plant, one of 3 girls born to the Plant family (the others being Hilda and Lilian). I have a photo of my mother as a girl ( taken in 1932) outside the property which seems to indicate that the Plants were still in residence but am unable to find any other information. Any information that anyone can provide would be gratefully received.

Cheryl Price       cherylprice@hotmail.co.uk




Hello, I have been directed to your site by someone who lives in the area, after I asked her about Poulton-le-Fylde.  My family tree contains a number of members who were born in Poulton-le-Fylde (or 'Patton Thylde' as one of them wrote it).   I wonder if there are any Salthouses still in the area, as my father's family grow ever larger going back in time!

Thank you   Helen Salthouse





I am at present researching my husband's family tree and have found that although his maternal grandfather was born in Wrexham, his great, great grandfather was born in Poulton le Fylde on 26th November 1775. His name was John Salisbury and he was the son of James Salisbury. I do not have his mother's name.

I wonder if you might have any additional information about this family and whether the surname "Salisbury" is still to be found in your town.  My husband and I live in Prestatyn, North Wales and I would be very grateful for any information you could give me. Glenys Sturgess   gsturgess@madasafish.com




Sanderson Family - Carleton

I am looking into the family history of the Sanderson families that lived primarily in the Marton/Carleton area. Family members include Robert Sanderson b 1810 & wife, Betty (from Moss side, Great Marton); Son - Peter Sanderson b 1831 & wife Mary Cartmell by 1836 (Greenheyes farm, Carleton), and family members that lived in the Ryscar farm, Carleton. thanks -Rob Wenman rwenman.skier1@yahoo.com




I am endeavoring to trace the parents and siblings of my great great grandmother Alice SEED. She was born in Poulton le Fylde in 1823. In 1845 (September 23) she married in St Thomas church in Liverpool, a Richard Thornton (born Weeton in 1821), who at that time was a Police Officer, but later became a licensed Victualler. They had a number of children, but sadly in 1860 Richard died leaving Alice with 7 children to rear. Henry, my great grandfather was only 4 years old.

Despite all my research I seem unable to find Alice prior to her marriage. The marriage certificate states that her father was Thomas Seed a ship owner. However there seems to be a number of Thomas Seed's originating in Poulton le Fylde. From 1871 to her death in 1905, Alice lived at Number 12 Olive Mount, Tranmere. In 1871 there are a number of Seed family members living next to her including a John and his sons Thomas and John. All seem to have links to the maritime industry,
and Alice is recorded as being a Steam Tug Proprietress - so I am assuming that these may be her family members. In the earlier census of 1861, she boards a niece, Annetta Moore, whose mother was Ann Seed (b.1818) who married William Moore in the Parish Church at Poulton on the 10th of March 1838.

If anyone is able to confirm for me which Thomas Seed is Alice's father I would be very grateful. I can perhaps in return link Alice to families in Australia and New Zealand.

With thanks    Helen Roper    Wellington    New Zealand      ghroper@clear.net.nz;




My name is Norman Shelley and I am hoping to trace a long lost cousin who settled in your charming town after her wedding in - I think 1971/72.  Her  name before her marriage was Veronica Roberta Hewit, unfortunately I do not know her married name.

She is one of   the three children of Austin and Johanna Hewitt of Blackpool, the other two being Robert and Della.. Our Family became somewhat fragmented for whatever  reasons in times past. It would be nice to reconnect if only by email.  Hopefully I will make contact, but if anyone reads this posting and remembers Veronica, I would be pleased to hear from them.

email  avalondistance@yahoo.co.uk  Telephone from UK 001 941 244 22   Norman Shelley Sarasota Florida




Hi I've just been looking at your website and have been prompted to write about some of my ancestors in the Fleetwood area. Unfortunately with the name SMITH tracing is not always easy. The first person I am interested in is ROBERT SMITH born in Fleetwood circa 1855 (1901 census has him aged 46 and resident at Bridge Hall Farm, Lytham). I would like to know about his parents and family. Family tradition says his father was a sea captain.


The second person is his second wife MARGARET BEESLEY from Skipool (1901 census has her aged 28 born in Singleton) born about 1873. They married in 1908.


I would also like to know more about one of her five brothers James (JJ) Beesley who was a mayor of Fleetwood and at one time owned the Euston Hotel.

Here's hoping. Bob Smith  bsmithcouk@btinternet.com





I would like to add the name Swarbrick please  to this site, I have gone back as far as 1712 to George Swarbrick born in Lytham and have quite a few Swarbricks from surrounding areas of Blackpool, Poulton le Fylde, Kirkham, Weeton, Trayles, Westby and a few others.


Thank You

Kay Thomas -  my email is redsquirrel22@talktalk.net




I have been doing some genealogical research on the Walsh and Cardwell families in Marton


I was wondering if your society has/knows anything interesting relating to the genealogy of these families or if anyone else has done research here. My interest comes from my grandfather John Cardwell Walsh who was the son of Thomas Walsh and Jennet Walsh (nee Cardwell), John Cardwell Walsh was born in 1884 and in the 1891 census lived at Willowbank Farm, Common Lane, Marton.His parents, Thomas and Jennet Walsh, had six children. Thomas died age 33 in 1894 and Jennet in 1895, the six children were split up and went to live with relatives in the Cardwell family. My grandfather went to live with an uncle and aunt, Thomas and Betty Cardwell at Cropper Nursery, Little Marton.            davidrobinson7@blueyonder.co.uk




Hello there

I was wondering if you could give me any information. I am looking for a Thomas Alfred John Ward who I believe lived in Poulton-le-Fylde. I think he died around 1952-4 and was born about 1870-71. He was married to Jane Bond from Accrington. I have found a couple of deaths of a Thomas Ward about the right age under Blackburn, not Fylde, on the records on Ancestry.

If someone died in Poulton would it be registered under Fylde or Blackburn. I think he had a daughter in the Burnley/Blackburn area and so he may have moved there if he had taken ill.

Regards.Linda Halliwell lindah@carmel.ac.uk




Please would you add the following to your website.

 My maternal grandmother's grandmother was Jane Whittam born Preston 1817. Her father was William Whittam born Poulton le Fylde in 1794. His parents were Richard and Jennet nee Newsham who, for some reasons, married at St. Peter's Liverpool in 1785. On the marriage licence he is stated to be a bachelor. Richard inherited freehold property at Marton Mere from his brother John but unfortunately the latter's will seems to have been lost. I have no idea of Richard's age when he died in 1816 in Preston or where he was buried. The LRO catalogue lists various documents with a Richard Whittam as party including a 1770 lease for lives which refers to his sons as William 14, John 12 and Richard 6

Can anyone shed much needed light on the family? Jennet Newsham was Catholic but I do not know for sure if her husband was.


Many thanks   Elizabeth Prior  elizabethprior@btinternet.com




I am a researcher from the USA and a Whiteside researcher named Don Whiteside (he passed away in the early 90s) left some cryptic references in his research:

Arminella Whiteside c 1699 Malone, Co Antrim, IRE d 1782 KY, m.: William Ross desc of Lawrence (c1635-1699) Connects back to Poulton Le Fylde.

I'm hoping someone may have run across information about either of these two. I have no idea what is meant by "connects back to Poulton Le Fylde" but I assume that one of the two had family that came from there. This husband and wife are both brick walls in my research.

Thanks for any help.   robross@mchsi.com


Click on the link to see the  WHITESIDE FAMILY ASSOCIATION


Hello Christine,

I am looking for any family connections or information to the name Wolstenholme. They came from Heywood, Blackpool and Fylde areas My ggg grandfather James Wolstenholme was born to Richard and possibly Alice in 1836. He married Mary Evans in August 3, 1857. They had 8 children:

John Will born 1861 Heap, died 1908 Fylde

Harriet born 1864       Mary Ann born 1866 Heap        Robert born 1871 Heap       James born 1874 Heap

Elizabeth born 1877 Heap          Ann born 1879 Heap           Walter born 1880 Heap

John Will married Alice Litton in Oct. 1882 in Bury. After her death in 1893, he married her sister Margret at Christ Church in Blackpool in 1894. John and Alice had at least 2 children, my great grandfather, John Litton Wolstenholme and Alice Litton Wolstenholme.

I can trace John Litton's family for the most part but Alice Litton, all I know is she married a Smethurst. Alice Lawton Wolstenholme, daughter of John Litton, died Nov. 12, 1909 and is buried with a Smethurst in Layton Cemetery in Blackpool, plot # CEK-703.

I can provide more information if needed. Just want to find out anything I can about the families. I have been researching this for about 3 years and have trouble as there were many families in the area with that surname and almost all of them worked in the cotton industry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nancy   thenance333@rogers.com